Is St. Louis Poisoning Your Children?

St. Louis, Missouri, has a severe lead poisoning crisis, far worse than Flint’s. With news surrounding Flint, Michigan’s water filtration and lead poisoning issues, more and more cities are being called out. Lead exposure disproportionately affects St. Louis families in low-income and rental areas but, the problem is not limited to the water supply. There, lead is a staple in the community. Missouri is the largest producer of lead ore and by-products. Plus, over half of all the city’s homes wer

Deadly Tornadoes Strike Coast, Killing Toddler And Others

Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms attacked the residents of multiple areas from the Gulf Coast to the Mid-Atlantic Tuesday, continuing on through Wednesday evening. While the death toll remains at 7, including a 2-year-old toddler, dozens are reported injured and over 200,000 hit by the tornadoes and thunderstorms remain without power. Residents from the Gulf Coast all the way to the Northeast are left displaced following damage to homes and apartment structures.

Kerry Washington Attends Oscars Amid #OscarsSoWhite Scandal

The star of ABC’s Scandal, Kerry Washington, was all smiles as she attended the Oscars, hosted by former I Think I Love My Wife co-star, Chris Rock. Decked out in a black and white leather Versace dress, Washington was ready to take on the question everyone silently asked: why’d she choose to attend? The lack of diversity at the Oscars has remained a hot topic over the years, but this nomination season was scandalized by an apparent snub of African American actors in all major award categories.

Fox News, The GOP, And Trump’s Health Care (Scare) Plan

Millions are expected to tune in for tonight’s reality show reunion, also known as the Fox News GOP debate. With the world watching America’s every move, we can only ask that the “stars” at least try to make us look good. But with constant miseducation and the public’s poor understanding of the basic political platforms, many voters feel frustrated, hopeless, and ready for relocation to Canada. Following a series of debates that some have described as mere buffoonery, Fox News will take on the

Weight Loss Breakthrough: Peanuts Can Help You Shed Those Pounds

Starting a new weight loss diet and stuck on affordable, healthy snacks? Don’t cross peanuts off your healthy list. Researchers have found an all-time favorite could be the missing ingredient in your weight loss journey. Peanuts. Commonly thought as the snack to avoid while dieting, new studies by the University of Houston show the benefits of this powerful, high-fat protein. For many, weight loss is a quest that takes years to master.

Disney's First Latina Princess Gets Book and Series

Disney’s first Latina princess will get a story all her own. After months of heightened anticipation over Disney’s new princess – ‘inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore‘- Princess Elena of Avalor is finally slated to receive the royal treatment. Soon to debut on a special episode of Disney Junior‘s Emmy-winning Sofia the First, Princess Elena of Avalor is all set to join the ranks of Disney’s diverse pool of princesses including Ariel, Belle, Tiana, Snow White, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Auro

Tis the Season for B2B Holiday Marketing

Thanks to Andy Williams, it’s a no-brainer that right now is the most wonderful time of the year. But along with marshmallows for roasting, come year-end duties you cannot neglect. Like, spreading that holiday cheer. The holiday season is the perfect time for you to attract and retain customers. So, how do you reach your customers in the midst of shopping, year end close, extended holiday vacations….oh my?! With a holiday greeting, of course! Whether a phone call, a postcard or a simple greetin

Why We NEED Diversity NOW

I expected you to be loud, but you are the total opposite. Your hair is just very different and you can change it every day. I wish mine was like that. Can I touch it? Can I say the word “n***a”? You look like Lupita! You look like Beyonce! You look like Morgan Freeman — with those moles on your face. You look like that one Black politician, Donna Brazile. Can you imagine these words directed at you in a workplace? I can. I’ve been on the receiving end of each and every one of these statemen